DEXA Body Fat Analysis
The FIT Scan
We are physicians, nutrition experts, and athletes
focused on preventive medicine -- optimized nutrition,
fitness, and hormone balance. We believe these
things are the basis of good health.
Our Nutrition Program
We follow a simple nutrition
program that emphasizes
avoiding as much as possible
starches and refined sugars. The
goal is to eat as naturally as
possible and not feel deprived.
We eat fruits, nuts, vegetables,
and protein (fish, chicken, meat,
and eggs) and avoid starches
like rice and pasta and refined
sugars like cakes and candies
made with cane sugar. We still
eat pie, cake, candy, and
icecream but it is made naturally
using nuts, coconut butters,
cacao for chocolate, and agave
for sugar. We have found that
even people not caring about
nutrition prefer the taste of the
food we make consistently over
the processed, starch and sugar
filled packaged items sold in
mainstream stores and
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Office Hours:
M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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How to Schedule an Appointment
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Our background
Our expertise includes nutrition, hormone therapy, anti-aging medicine, and women's
health medicine. Our doctors are Board Certified medical doctors by the State of
California and also licensed Radiography Supervisor and Operators by the State of
California Department of Public Health.

Initially, we focused primarily on DEXA bone density scans for our patients. However,
after trying The FIT Scan on oursevles during our own personal nutrition / exercise
programs, we realized a tremendous resource in the technology. We found the
precise information the scans provide helped us direct and reach our goals in a faster
and better way than relying on a scale. We introduced The FIT Scan to our patients
and they also saw the benefits. Shortly after, a local gym, SuperSlow Zone, found us
and started sending their clients to The FIT Scan. The rest is history!

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