DEXA Body Fat Analysis
The FIT Scan
Crystal clear results provided on paper as well as on
CD (PDF file). Body image along with bone (BMC),
fat (FAT), muscle (lean), and Body Fat % provide
clarity for directing fitness and nutrition programs.
DEXA Body Fat Analysis Results
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Interpreting the Results
Results from The FIT Scan tend to be fascinating! First, having a full body image
showing bone and soft tissue is rather illuminating. Muscle mass and bone size can
be readily appreciated. For example, runners often have pronounced muscle size in
the calf regions, which are seen on the scan.

Significantly, all segments of the body are scanned (takes about 6 minutes). After the
DEXA technician performs the analysis, a numerical table is generated (like the one
pictured above) which provides the ultimate "snapshot" of a person's body fat level. In
addition, body fat percentage is also shown for various body regions (such as Trunk /
Stomach region). This information can provide direction for those seeking to build
muscle or rebuild muscle (in case of previous injury) in specific areas.

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