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Interpreting the Results
Results from The FIT Scan tend to be fascinating! First, having a full body image
showing bone and soft tissue is rather illuminating. Muscle mass and bone size can
be readily appreciated. For example, runners often have pronounced muscle size in
the calf regions, which are seen on the scan.

Significantly, all segments of the body are scanned (takes about 6 minutes). After the
DEXA technician performs the analysis, a numerical table is generated (like the one
pictured above) which provides the ultimate "snapshot" of a person's body fat level. In
addition, body fat percentage is also shown for various body regions (such as Trunk /
Stomach region). This information can provide direction for those seeking to build
muscle or rebuild muscle (in case of previous injury) in specific areas.

The most important thing to note is that each person's scan is unique. Everyone has a
different body composition - they are made up of different proportions of bone,
muscle, and fat mass. Therefore, it is not highly meaningful to compare scans across
individuals unless one just wants to show that someone has a higher body fat or
muscle percentage than another.

In most case, the best use of the scan is to measure a "snapshot" of the person in
time, recording their muscle and body fat percentage. This is often a starting point for
a nutrition and/or physical fitness program. The "snapshot" scan can be used
individually or given to a personal trainer to help direct the program. Or, the scan can
simply be used to just show progress over time when compared to future scans.

For serious athletes, The FIT Scan provides a measuring picture of the body like no
other. True measurements provide an accurate base for training, and scans taken
overtime show the undisputable results of the athletes efforts. Additionally, athletes
may focus workouts to build muscle in specific body areas based on scan results.

The goal of The FIT Scan is to provide concise results in which one can use to help
give direction in nutrition and exercise programs as well as help individuals measure
their progress over time.

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