DEXA Body Fat Analysis
The FIT Scan
Featuring the Hologic Discovery W, setting the "Gold
Standard" in DEXA imaging.
DEXA Technology
DEXA is the "Gold Standard" in
body fat analysis because it is
extremely accurate and has the
ability to show exactly where fat
is distributed throughout the
body. It is very reliable, safe, and
its results extremely repeatable.
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The first step is to simply schedule an appointment by calling the phone number
above and ask for a FIT Scan appointment (DEXA body fat analysis). The
appointment takes less than 15 minutes.

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Beware: QCT Technology
Due to the high price of DEXA
scanners, another technology has
crept into the U.S. from Europe,
called QCT. The QCT is an
extension of the CT scanner.
Among various problems with
QCT is that compared to DEXA,
QCT radiation exposer can be
20 - 40 times greater!!!
$149 per DXA Body Fat Analysis
There is not much preparation involved for the DEXA body fat analysis scan. You just
want to make sure you are not wearing metal (e.g. metal zippers, earings, etc.). If you
have metal in your body you cannot remove, that is OK. The scan will merely show an
opaque area where the metal is. It is recommended to wear comfortable gym clothes
or any other outfit without metal zippers.

The FIT Scan Experience
The FIT Scan is located within a medical clinic as the technology is regulated by the
State of California and requires State licensing and physician oversight. Once you
check in at the front desk, you will be taken in for your scan. The California licensed
DEXA technician will have you lay down on the table (as pictured above) and will
gently position you on the table so you will obtain an accurate scan. You will just need
to lay still once the scan starts, relax, and let the Fit Scan do the rest. The table moves
automatically while you lie still until all segments of your body are scanned (takes
about 6 minutes). After the scan, the DEXA technician returns and peforms the

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